Being on the outside…it’s not so bad at all.

NWT2016SPorangeptdIf you are giving out a trade show bag, you’re probably one of a dozen companies doing exactly the same thing.  That’s because there is no better way to advertise your presence at an event then to give out a trade show bag.

  • It’s something that every trade show attendee needs to put all of the catalogs, sales literature and samples they collect
  • A nice reusable bag given out at an event will be used over and over again, advertising your company long after the trade show is over
  • The “walking billboard” advertising that you receive while at the show, advertising your company’s presence and booth, can do wonders for your attendance….but only if you are on the outside.

That’s because bigger bags eat up smaller bags at trade shows.  Its a fact.  Someone who gets your large, well-made, reusable bag, will put smaller bags inside of your bag.  And you get all of the advertising value. As a rule of thumb, the larger the event, the larger the bag you should give out.  EnduraPack’s NWT2016SP does the trick.  At 20″ x 6″ x 16″, it holds everything (including smaller bags), with convenient side pockets for a water bottle, business cards and other easy-to-reach items.

What’s on Your Bag?™