Product and Plant Safety – Testing and Compliance

Our Commitment to You

It is EnduraPack’s Policy to design, manufacture and market products that are both safe and of a high level of craftsmanship. We do this by committing ourselves to this goal from our President and CEO, down through our raw materials vendors and throughout the entire supply chain.

EnduraPack’s approach to product safety is outlined as follows:

  • EnduraPack is a PPAI Safety Ambassador.
  • EnduraPack has a comprehensive Code of Conduct, available to download here.

  • We require all of our our partners’ management – throughout our supply chain – to read, comply and commit by signature to our Code of Conduct.
  • We audit our own factories to insure social and safety compliance. We source raw materials only from suppliers that we have evaluated and approved.
  • EnduraPack continues to seek out and participate in ongoing education, seminars and events. We closely monitor regulatory agency information, testing and certification guidelines to keep us current in all matters related to product safety, testing, and social compliance.
  • EnduraPack regularly works with distributors in our industry and their clients who have special requirements. This includes, but is not limited to:
    >Specialized and Individual Product Testing
    >Factory Audits and Self Assessments
    >On Site Inspections

  • EnduraPack complies with all regulatory requirements for product safety, testing and labeling.
  • EnduraPack applies consistent safety standards across our entire product line, and insures that its supply chain meets these same standards through methodical risk assessment and stringent product specifications.
  • Testing, Audits and Inspections are conducted by certified and independent 3rd party laboratories.
  • Testing results are always available for reference.

Code of Conduct Statement

Product Safety Statement

CPSIA Statement

Proposition 65 Statement

Test Results