Getting noticed.  On the side that counts.

NKR1013 Image1You know those expandable sides and bottoms on bags?  There’s a word for them…they’re called gussets.  When you’re walking with a paper shopping bag or reusable non woven bag around town, at trade shows and meetings, those who pass you by see the side gussets of your bag first.  In fact, most of the time its the only side of the bag they see.

It’s time to make the most of your side gusset printing…and EnduraPack has an entire collection of bags where you can print on the side gusset.  Take our paper shopping bags for instance.  Unlike other companies who only decorate on the front and back of the bag, we’ve got an entire line of bags where you can print from 1 – 3 colors, on all 5 sides of the bag – no additional charge to print those all important side gussets.  Check out our Custom Pre Print 100% Recycled Natural Kraft Paper Bags, or our White Kraft Pre Printed Bags.

What’s on Your Bag?™